Integrated Cement Plants digitization Technology

Brilliant! With smart IoT integration, JRS Innovation cement optimization suite is the most efficient technology to digitally-connected products, services and solutions. Integrated digital solutions to improve yield, quality, production costs and energy efficiency. With mobile app driven transformation journey that gets real-time information visibility across the plant and HO. The result: improved operational efficiencies of plants, net 10% reduction in maintenance cost, with a 10% reduction in annual energy consumption plus a 12% reduction in heat consumption for each kilogram of raw material produced. It’s about time for your factory!

Oxmaint App : An end-to-end digital system to optimize all production processes in the cement plant. Real-time visibility vis-à-vis optimization of all areas of the plant. The iFactory app is the integrated digital innovation for the cement industry that brings about a new way of working at all levels of production in the plant and within the company itself.

Raw Material Optimization (RMO) : Intelligent management, handling and monitoring of raw material and fuel systems via mobile app. Monitoring and optimization of spare parts and material stock levels, cost, as well as real-time reporting & analysis system. Analysis of historic data to proactively predict equipment maintenance requirements, avoid unnecessary downtime and loss in performance.

Yield Improvement : Centralized process and plant planning via mobile app, enabling full visibility of production processes from the source to the end market. It allows for a real-time adjustment in yields based on demand, stock levels, cost and energy. It is an efficient way to adjust yield to maximize production without the worry of not meeting the demands.

Walk By Inspection & Maintenance : Efficiently plan daily walk by inspection, reminders and missed report, provide multi language option to record inspection faults, workflow to immediate notification, approvals via mobile app, coordination with store to get spare parts. All information is managed via mobile apps to significantly improve maintenance team productivity. Hardware attached to automatically capture the inspection location and ensure inspection is conducted.

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) : Connects all I&C systems of the cement plant via mobile app for significant process monitoring and optimization parameters such as power consumption, yield, kiln temperatures and many more.

Quality (Quality Assurance) : Centralized monitoring via mobile app of all quality parameters in the plant with real-time analysis and reporting of corrective actions. Such as, moisture content, air and fire temperature and much more.

Pulverization & Raw Materials : Real-time optimization and monitoring of the raw materials supply through mobile app along with pulverization technology integration to further reduce costs.

Cement Plant App : Provides easy access to any data from the plant. All data collected locally can be accessed online for easy analysis and for room for updates and improved performance in the plant. A tailored app with all the systems of a containerized cement plant digitized, connected and integrated into one mobile app. The information is available 24/7 through the mobile app, which can be accessed anywhere anytime by an authorized user, no matter where in the world they are.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) supervised Integrated control systems data within App : Software solution to enable improved energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Energy optimization platform via mobile app that allows real-time energy consumption and performance monitoring of all devices connected to the digital platform. With these analytics, it will help optimize energy consumption, while reducing the emission of pollutants in cement plants.

It’s great that you have taken another step of technology to achieve the next level in your plant. But, why is it important ? What will you achieve with the next generation of digital technology? How can you bring success and happiness to your team behind you? Why will this change your working culture? What are the benefits that come with a great plant manager like yourself who is ready to try and embrace new technologies ?

Consequences of a non-digitized plant :

  • 1. Losing the battle for efficiency and productivity
  • 2. Lowering of equipment management
  • 3. Raw materials and fuel wastage
  • 4. Maintenance works going on longer than expected
  • 5. Improper storage of raw materials
  • 6. Loss of efficient potential
  • 7. Energy loss due to inefficient use of fuel, raw materials and plant equipment
  • 8. Poor maintenance due to lack of skilled staff
  • 9. Higher cost of selecting the right raw material and more time spent on the selection
  • 10. Costly energy bills
  • 11. Economic losses
  • 12 .Unavailability of required spare parts
  • 13 . Loss to the market and customers
  • 14. Waste of time and money
  • Benefits of an Integrated Cement plant :

  • 1. Efficiency in raw material usage
  • 2. Complete supply chain management with integrated inventory management
  • 3. Improved production, quality and yield
  • 4. Reduction in maintenance cost
  • 5. Real-time energy optimization
  • 6. Real-time machinery monitoring
  • 7. Higher level of work safety
  • 8 .Reduced pollution from its applications
  • 9 .More efficient use of fuel, raw materials and plant equipment
  • 10 .High return on investment
  • 11 . Economic benefits, including improvement in the exchange rate of the country
  • 12 .Return on investment
  • 13 . Reduced breakdown, wear and tear and maintenance period
  • 14. Improved market share
  • 15. Reduced staff turnover
  • 16. Better management of manpower due to analytics
  • 17. Cost savings through real-time monitoring of energy and machinery performance
  • 18. Higher predicted yield
  • 19. Safety and accident reduction
  • 20. Reduction in oil spillage