Asset Management Software (CMMS)

Assets maintenance management system (CMMS) with WO, Consume Parts, assign mechanic and track progress on each item of work order. Maintain labor, material cost with logs of Repair.

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Why Choose Oxmaint?

Here are a few reasons why our customers choose Oxmaint.

Increases Productivity

With a CMMS solution, technicians can eliminate the time-consuming, burdensome task of double data entry. They no longer need to record information related to work orders on paper, then spend time entering that data into desktop software once the work order is complete. Instead, they can use their mobile-friendly app to log data onsite in real-time; which boosts their efficiency and productivity. Plus, a CMMS organizes work orders so technicians always have access to the right information in a single, up-to-date place. See how one manufacturing company’s technicians saw a 90% reduction in time spent filling out paperwork!.

Streamlines Processes

CMMS software allows team members to easily attach information, photos, and equipment manuals to work orders, so technicians don’t have to waste time searching for vital documentation. They can focus on the task at hand without sacrificing work order accuracy or process consistency. As data is continuously entered into the system, key processes (e.g. maintenance planning, scheduling, root cause analysis, etc.) are expedited, because relevant information is quickly and easily accessible.

Improves Team Communication

Communication is often a challenge for teams who conduct work at different sites. Robust CMMS solutions enhance team communication with detailed maintenance history and tracking of assets and completed work. Team leads and supervisors can enter and check on work orders, and receive quick status updates so no details fall through the cracks.

Reduces Asset Downtime

With the right CMMS software, teams can schedule predictive maintenance of equipment, so your assets will consistently receive the care they need and larger, costly issues can be avoided. Plus, technicians can easily track and understand which spare parts they need to have on-site, so they can complete repairs quickly and reduce overall equipment downtime.

CMMS Software Features and Solutions

As you evaluate your options for CMMS software implementation, make sure the tool you choose offers these essential features.

Work Order Management

Modern CMMS software helps teams create, prioritize, access, and measure all of their maintenance work orders in a single place. UpKeep's CMMS capabilities allow team leads, supervisors, and technicians to easily attach photos, documents, or videos to each work order, boosting the productivity and accuracy of the work order management process.

Inventory Management

Inventory management requires a powerful tool that can simplify the entire process. Users have deeper insights into costs and stock supplies—so companies can oversee everything from parts consumption, to purchasing, to pricing for a highly controlled inventory management operation.

Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance professionals need intuitive tools to maintain and improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability. UpKeep’s powerful CMMS capabilities enable teams to schedule equipment maintenance, create alerts to ensure they always have the right parts available, and gain visibility into their costs.

Mobile App

The modern CMMS tool is one that’s built with mobile users in mind. UpKeep’s mobile-first platform is designed to help users easily track, access, and manage all their maintenance activities, regardless of where they are.

Industries That Utilize CMMS

Organizations in many industries have started leveraging CMMS software, including:

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“With OX-Maint it's easy to follow and track your work orders and supplies. You can keep everyone updated on where work orders stand and have multiple users so everyone is accountable for their assigned tasks.”



“Easy to use! love this i,m trying to get the company I work for to go paperless. Easy to create work order always available on cloud. Schedule helps soo much to get reminder of maintenance tasks.”



“Using OXmaint has been an easy process, and it helps keep everything in one place. I also like that our Operations Manager sees everything that I do.”



“Great program and customer service has been awesome. if you have a fleet of vehicle, especially larger vehicles, this app is great.”