Never mishandle work orders again.

All-in-one mobile Create, assess, prioritize, and measure all work orders from faults, service schedules and assign work to your mechanics with detailed cost of service.

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Work Order

Simplify your work order management.

Easily assign and prioritize any work order

Oxmaint's work order software allows you to easily assign reactive or preventive maintenance work requests to technicians. View every work order from a list or calendar format. Filter orders by assigned technician, asset, location, and priority level.

Pinpoint cracks & bottlenecks

With Oxmaint’s work order management software, you can review trends around work order costs to lower maintenance spend, document time spent on a work order and optimize wrench time, understand breakdowns more clearly, and make quicker changes.

Reduce equipment downtime

Oxmaint’s work order software comes with powerful asset management features to ensure equipment reliability. Oxmaint customers are 63% less likely to be concerned about unplanned asset downtime compared to users of competitors' products.

Boost the ROI of your assets

Get more out of your assets with Oxmaint. Manufacturing customers have seen their equipment lifespans increase by up to 11% with Oxmaint’s work order software and asset management features. Moreover, studies show companies that invest in preventative preventive maintenance see an average cost savings of 15%.

Stop filling out and sorting through paper work orders.

Create and assign electronic work orders to in-house technicians or outsource to third-party vendors all from one place. Add reported vehicle issues, scheduled service tasks and detailed line items with ease and start work immediately.

  • Service duration tracking.
  • Detailed cost, labor and parts subtotals.
  • Custom fields.
  • External Work Order management.
  • Track supplies, consumables, fees.
  • Maintenance assignments.
  • Submit photos and talk-to-text comments.
  • Print-friendly PDF.

Cost of service and operating costs at-a-glance

Measure the resources needed to resolve specific issues or scheduled service tasks. Benchmark costs across your fleet or specific vehicle types and see exactly what it takes to service all your assets.

  • Analyze service as a part of asset’s operating cost.
  • View detailed cost of service metrics for specific tasks.
  • Track service duration for individual WOs.
  • See total cost trends for all assets.
  • Track parts and labor spend with individual vendors.
  • Consider service in cost per mile (km) trends.

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Manage Work Orders, report vehicle issues, perform inspections and more..

Teams looking to optimize asset management and ROI rely on modern EAM software, which offers a variety of key advantages.


Improve efficiency and increase productivity

Increase uptime, extend your asset lifetime, and improve overall quality by automating routine maintenance activities.


Enterprise reporting

Gather high-level insights into each facility, even how facilities compare, for intelligent decision making.


Never worry about your data

Never worry about losing the data that drives your business intelligence, as it’s securely backed up daily on the cloud.

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We are very proud of the results our clients are achieving with our Asset Performance Management software.

3 to 40 %

EH&S incident reduction

2 to 6 %

Increased availability

10 to 40 %

Reduction in reactive maintenance

5 to 10 %

Reduction in inventory cost

Industries That Utilize CMMS

Organizations in many industries have started leveraging CMMS software, including:

We are proud of our works

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.


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“With OX-Maint it's easy to follow and track your work orders and supplies. You can keep everyone updated on where work orders stand and have multiple users so everyone is accountable for their assigned tasks.”



“Easy to use! love this i,m trying to get the company I work for to go paperless. Easy to create work order always available on cloud. Schedule helps soo much to get reminder of maintenance tasks.”



“Using OXmaint has been an easy process, and it helps keep everything in one place. I also like that our Operations Manager sees everything that I do.”



“Great program and customer service has been awesome. if you have a fleet of vehicle, especially larger vehicles, this app is great.”